Our Pastor


W.D. Gadsden is the Pastor of the New Life Christian Ministries Church located in Fussa-City, Tokyo. He has been preaching the uncompromising message of the Gospel since 1990. Pastor W.D. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in New York City. He is also proud of his Caribbean Heritage. After joining the military in 1981 he traveled from New York, to San Antonio Texas, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Japan and ultimately around the world. In June 1999, he arrived in Japan and immediately went forward accepting the calling of Jesus Christ. With a tremendous passion for God's Word coupled with a love for God's people, he established the "first Gospel service" in the history of Japan where Japanese and Americans worship together. In addition, Pastor W.D. is a proud 23 ½ year United States Army retiree.

He has a contagious spirit of generosity that flows through every facet of his ministry. Charged by the Lord with an awesome mandate to "Reach the World with the Word"-- Pastor W.D.'s work and activism have been local, yet his vision has always been global. He's revered locally, nationally and internationally as a man after God's heart and a dynamic visionary for soul-winning.

Having received his mandate from God, Pastor W.D. Gadsden, obediently fulfilled his calling as founder of New Life Christian Ministries Church, located in Fussa-City, Tokyo. Under his visionary leadership, while reaching various cultures with the Gospel, this church has become one of the most spirit led ministries in Japan. In addition to his trailblazing excellence in evangelism, he has demonstrated an awesome ability to proclaim God's word with power, authority and simplicity.

The vision God has implanted in Pastor W.D. extends throughout the borders of Japan. His itinerary includes conducting seminars, retreats, and revivals. Pastor W.D. is favored as a guest speaker on Tokyo Broadcasting Station (TBS), numerous local television appearances, Tokyo radio stations, and his ministry is also featured in major newspaper articles throughout Tokyo, Japan. New Life Christian Ministries Church is making a difference in the lives of its members and the community worldwide. Pastor Gadsden is an anointed prophet that God is using to make changes in the lives of people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

His well-rounded ministry is balanced in the knowledge of God's Word. Whether it requires teaching about singles, marriages, church government, church growth or the coming of the Lord, God has anointed and equipped Pastor as one of His ambassadors. He is truly a man of God. God has given him a spirit like David, a spirit which is designed to gracefully and purposefully watch over the congregation. He does this through continual prayer and supplication.